DNA Technology Makes Spiked List of Greatest Innovations

DNA Technology Makes Spiked List of Greatest Innovations

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted April 30, 2007 in DNA Fun, DNA in General

dna origamiIn an as yet unpublished list of greatest innovations compiled by sp!ked, recombinant DNA, DNA origami, and PCR were included.

From The Guardian:

Sir Tim Hunt, principal scientist at Cancer Research UK and Nobel laureate, plumped for the set of techniques used by molecular biologists to manipulate DNA. “Recombinant DNA technology has made the biggest difference to the way my kind of biologist works today,” he said. “We couldn’t have got anywhere without it.” He shared the 2001 Nobel prize for work on molecular factors that regulate cell division.

Eric Drexler techno-guru “DNA origami” – a method for building 3D molecular structures.

Ian Gibson, MP for Norwich North A method for copying DNA called the polymerase chair reaction. “The PCR machine was an immediate must in every laboratory and has led to amazing discoveries in forensic science.”

Limiting yourself to the world of genetics, what else do you think should be on a list of greatest innovations?

NB: Here are some directions for folding an origami DNA molecule, which is not what Eric Drexler is referring to.

Update:: The list of great innovations will actually be published on sp!ke over May and June. There’s also a public event being held in London on June 6, 2007 that will include a panel debate.

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Hi Hsien,
I am so excited about your new launch. I can’t wait for another 2 years of exciting and informative commentary. Take Care

Comment by Kim Banks

Hi Hsien,

Congratulations! I’m certain that Eye on DNA will be a fabulous success!



Steve: Thanks! I’m excited too but not sure where I’m going with this whole thing. :D


Kim: Hi there! Thank you very much. As long as Eye on Dna is “fabulous,” I’ll be happy. hehe


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