Joining DNA Direct

Joining DNA Direct

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted May 16, 2007 in DNA in General

dna directYesterday was my first day working as a consultant for DNA Direct. I’m excited to be given the opportunity to work with the DNA Direct core team, including Founder and CEO Ryan Phelan and Director of Content Development Lisa Lee. While the company’s main objective continues to be providing access to medical genetic tests and genetic counseling/ interpretation, I will help them serve their customers better by responding to inquiries about related DNA services, such as rare genetic disorders, paternity, and ancestry testing. The idea is to create a place where people can select the most respected and reliable DNA testing services available and figure out which specific test suits their needs.

The number of consumers shopping for DNA tests continues to grow especially as technology advances. We are increasingly going to be faced with a plethora of choices. For genealogical research alone, there are over 30 companies that currently offer genetic testing for ancestry. How does the average person know which one is best for him or her? DNA Direct wants to create an interactive guide that helps people define what they want and how best to get it.

I’m honored to be working for DNA Direct, a genetic testing company that has proven to be reliable, trustworthy, and of the highest quality. Creating a “preferred provider” program is one way DNA Direct plans to help people navigate the genome revolution of the 21st century.

What type of genetic testing interests you the most and what do you look for when evaluating DNA tests?

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Comment by Rick

Wow! What great news! :)
I’m actually very interested in the genetics disorder tests but they bring up so many psychological questions. Could I handle knowing I’ve got X disorder? Would it change the way I live?

Congrats on the position and I hope it all goes well.


Thanks, Rick! In my opinion, genetic tests should change the way you live – for the better! There’s got to be a positive approach to everything. Yes, I’m ever the optimist. :)

Comment by Barry Starr

Congratulations Hsien. I actually feel better about DNAdirect now that I know you are there.

Do you think there will be any problems with you working for them and commenting on any of their upcoming new tests?

LOL, Barry. I know you weren’t keen on the diabetes DNA test. I’ve known the folks at DNA Direct for almost two years and they’ve never had a problem with me voicing skepticism. That’s why they’re so cool. They’re totally transparent and open to suggestions and criticism. And best of all, they’re ok with me continuing on with genetics blogging as I have been doing for so long! I guess my obnoxious personality charmed them. :D

Comment by Brian

Thanks, Brian!! Almost as good as your Motley Fool one. ;)

Comment by Mary Emma Allen Subscribed to comments via email

Congratulations, Hsien. Much success in your new position. They’re very fortunate at DNA Direct to have you.

Thank you, Mary Emma! I am very lucky as well to have the chance to learn new things. I must admit this is my first foray into business development and accompanying lingo!

Comment by Steven Murphy MD Subscribed to comments via email

I know, I know…..I am very proud of you Hsien. You have been given an opportunity to make sure that the ethics of these issues can be addressed. I wish you all the best in this business venture. Keep up the good fight for the patient :)

Comment by Hsien

Steve, I’ll definitely keep fighting because the patients are you, me, and our families!

Comment by alicia Subscribed to comments via email

Congrats, Hsien! And yay for having an awesome first day at work :)

Comment by Hsien

Thanks, Alicia! It’s been a good week so far. :)

Comment by Kristina

Great news! And I’ve too many questions—as you know, prenatal genetic testing evokes a lot of strong feelings and opinions in autism circles. I hope you won’t mind if I keep asking you questions.

Comment by Hsien

I love talking to you, Kristina! This definitely doesn’t change anything. FYI, DNA Direct does not currently offer prenatal testing or PGD. They do, however, offer genetic testing for people considering pregnancy.


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Comment by Shai Coggins

Wow. Congratulations, Hsien! Well done!

Comment by Hsien

Thanks, Shai! It’s been a very busy few weeks. But I’m sure it doesn’t compare to having a new baby in the house. :)


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