Wyllie O Hagan Video of Rosalind Franklin and DNA

Wyllie O Hagan Video of Rosalind Franklin and DNA

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted May 16, 2007 in DNA Podcasts and Videos, Personalities with DNA

Berci at ScienceRoll always finds the best YouTube science videos. This one on Rosalind Franklin and her X-ray photographs of DNA really touched me especially as a woman scientist whose life revolves around genetics.

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[...] isn’t an “insoluble riddle” because if that were the case, Watson and Crick (and Rosalind Franklin too) wouldn’t have been able to figure out its double helical shape. And one other thing, DNA [...]

Comment by Reggie Ron

I love Wylie O’hagan, he work is some of the best art I’ve seen in a while. Thanks for posting this clip. I voted for her film Visual Film on harping playing at http://www.babelgum.com/boff It will help get the word out to vote at Babelgum and bring attention to art and science.


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