DNA Blogging at IBM’s HealthNex

DNA Blogging at IBM’s HealthNex

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted May 30, 2007 in DNA in General

healthcareDid you know IBM is involved in healthcare? Not only is their technology used on a daily basis to organize health-related information, electronic health records, biobanking, etc., they’re also interested in developing healthcare that is “networked and patient-centric.” Today, I am guest blogging at IBM’s HealthNex on the top 10 ways DNA technology will change your life. Here’s the bare bones list, please visit HealthNex to learn more!

10. DNA makes you hip.
9. DNA is an artistic influence.
8. DNA brings you closer to your family.
7. DNA is a lucrative career choice.
6. DNA technology inspires other forms of useful tech.
5. Your DNA may soon be collected for government databases.
4. DNA may determine your eligibility for a job or insurance coverage.
3. You can put your DNA to work in the privacy of your own home.
2. Because parents can preselect certain traits in their children using preimplanation genetic diagnosis and other DNA technology, our population demographics will also be changing.
1. DNA technology will make it possible for us to receive personalized medical care that’s tailored for us.

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Comment by Hsien

Here are some more reasons why you should care about genetics:

10. DNA is not just another four-letter word.
9. GATTACA will be so much more enjoyable if you get genetics.
8. You gotta know who to blame for your troubles – your mom or your dad.
7. Your DNA may link you to a celebrity or historical figure.
6. Genes make for good excuses.
5. Specializing in genetics can help you get a job.
4. Genetic technologies especially DNA testing save and improve lives.
3. Gene-based diets and lifestyles will soon be the latest fad.
2. Your unique genetic make-up will help you get personalized medicine.
1. Genetics is cool.


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