Mendel’s Garden Genetics Blog Carnival #16

Mendel’s Garden Genetics Blog Carnival #16

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted July 8, 2007 in DNA in General, Eye on DNA Headlines

The sun shines on Mendel’s Garden this weekend; at least in London where after days of clouds and rain, we’re seeing blue skies. Perfect day to take a stroll in Mendel’s Garden!

sunshine sea

Christian Bachmann at Med Journal Watch talks about asexual reproduction in the marbled crayfish. FYI, they don’t need male interference (*cough*) and thus pass on perfectly identical genes from generation to generation.


dark sunChris Patil, a biogerontologist at Ouroboros, delves into human embryonic stem cell research and therapeutic potentials.


sun clouds GrrlScientist at Living the Scientific Life is keeping busy reading the “Book of Life” and Unraveling DNA: Genetic Collaboration in Genomes?


sunshine dusk

Bora Zivkovic, who’s in San Francisco starting his new job as the Online Community Coordinator with PLoS One, still finds time to think about chronobiology and the expression of genes with a circadian rhythm.


bright sunKeith Robison at Omics! Omics shares his garden and talks about the evolution of his favorite garden plant: columbines, species of the genus Aquilegia.


sundogRPM at evolgen also looks at evolution but focuses on the human genome in On the Causes of Variation in the Rate of Molecular Evolution with emphasis on human accelerated regions (HARs).


sun roofPhil at Phil for Humanity wonders how governments are going to deal with artificially intelligent and sentient beings created using genetic engineering or other methods.


foggy sunAlex Palazzo at the Daily Transcript looks at some of the latest research on microRNA’s and their role in regulating the translation of messenger RNA.


dna windowDr. Deb at Psychological Perspectives says The “Eyes” Have It and it could be partly due to the Pax6 gene.


gray sun

Mary Emma Allen at Alzheimer’s Notes tells us there are now cloned pigs with Alzheimer’s genes.


sun star

Omnome looks gene therapy for Parkinson’s disease using the adeno-associated virus and includes a BBC video report.


sun bridge

Barry Starr at the QUEST Science Blog wants to ask you: What is in your DNA? (Here’s a sampling.)


sun through bridge

Bertalan Mesko at ScienceRoll uses some stunning examples in talking about moving Towards a World without Genetic Diseases.


sun trees

Rebecca at Mary Meets Dolly is back from a long hiatus and jumps right back in with a discussion of human chimeric embryos created by adding animal DNA to a human embryo. Paul at The force that through… has more on these cybrids.


shaded sun

Steve Murphy at Gene Sherpas proclaims a paradigm shift in the two-hit cancer genetics hypothesis. And he also announced that Helix Health will be accepting patients starting in August.


sun fluffy clouds

Blaine Bettinger at The Genetic Genealogist has A Lonely Surname but at least he has interesting Y-DNA to go along with it!


barcelona sun

Albin Paul at the Microarray Blog tells us a genetic database for India has been completed. For one of the most populous nations in the world, this is important news!


sun polka dots

TR Gregory at Genomicron clarifies Function, non-function, some function: a brief history of junk DNA for anti-evolutionists (and the rest of us).


sun rays

Ricardo Vidal at My Biotech Life has a great list of life science videos and screencasts. Fun for a rainy day!


sun glow

Jason Bobe at The Personal Genome gets into the nitty gritty of personal genome sequencing and health insurance discrimination.


sun clipart

Here at Eye on DNA, one of my most popular posts in recent weeks – Amerindian DNA Sells for 55 Dollars.


Enjoy the wealth of genetics reading and hope the sun is shining on you this weekend!

Bertalan Mesko will host the August issue of Mendel’s Garden at ScienceRoll. You can submit your posts via the blogcarnival form.

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Comment by Berci Meskó

I loved the tiny pictures and the clear structure. Thank you, Hsien, for mentioning Scienceroll (as I forgot to submit any of my articles). :)

Comment by Hsien

Always happy to include you, Berci!

Comment by Steven Murphy MD

What wonderful pictures of the sky. Isn’t it amazing that we all have this wonderful passion? Thanks you for including me in the garden :)

Comment by Hsien

Steve, You mean passion or obsession? Or perhaps both…? ;)

Comment by nin_ers

WOW!!. algunas de las fotos son terriblemente impresionates, i luv that!.

there is a problem if i comment in spanish?

Comment by Hsien

nin_ers: So you’re determined to make me practice my high school Spanish, are you? Gracias. ;)

Comment by Mary Emma Allen

Thanks for including me and Alzheimer’s Notes in Mendel’s Garden this month. You’ve done a great job, and I really like the format with the small photos.

Comment by Hsien

Thanks for participating, Mary Emma!


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Comment by Paul Decelles

Great job as always and wonderful submissions! Thanks for hosting!


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