Eye on DNA Links for 22 July 2007

Eye on DNA Links for 22 July 2007

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted July 22, 2007 in Eye on DNA Headlines

  • dna renderingWalter at Highlight Health is looking for Pediatric Grand Rounds submissions. Deadline is Friday, July 27.
  • Odile Crick, wife of Francis Crick, died on July 5. She was the first artist to render an image of the DNA double helical structure in the April 1953 issue of Nature.

    “She also was famously underwhelmed when her husband — returning from his standing lunch with Watson at the Eagle pub in Cambridge, England — excitedly told her for the first time about his DNA findings.

    ‘You were always coming home and saying things like that,” she said, “so naturally I thought nothing of it.’”

  • Men who were proven NOT to be the father using paternity tests may still be responsible for child support regardless of DNA evidence because of signed legally binding documents. In Tennessee, the voluntary paternity-acknowledgment law may take precedence over DNA tests.
  • NPR’s Talk of the Nation talks to David Valle, Lawrence Brody, Aravinda Chakravarti, and David Goldstein about genomewide association studies for disease association gene variants – Scientists Scour Genome for Clues About Disease . They also touch on direct-to-consumer genetic testing.
  • Esther Dyson is one of the first 10 volunteers to make her medical records and genetic information public as part of Harvard professor George Church’s Personal Genome Project. (Fellow DNA Network member Jason Bobe of The Personal Genome works for the PGP.)

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