Eye on DNA Links for 24 July 2007

Eye on DNA Links for 24 July 2007

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted July 24, 2007 in DNA Products, Eye on DNA Headlines

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Comment by David Bradley

It’s my dad’s birthday today! Got any links on the DNA content of beer?


Comment by Hsien

[...] Medicine, Web 2.0, science, Health, Blogging. trackback I start a new series (the example was Hsien’s Eye on DNA links) now called What’s on the web?, because I find too many sites, links, posts/articles and I [...]

Comment by David Bradley

It’s funny that they say in that CNN article that “Sometimes, corn is named maize in Europe”. I think that arises because there is a confusion about what Amercuns would understand by the word corn.

In British English corn just refers to any cereal grain before or after harvesting

Maize in contrast is what British English understand Amercuns to be referring to when discussing what we call “corn on the cob” or sweetcorn.

Similarly, we don’t have English muffins in England, at least we didn’t until they were imported from Amurca. Now, don’t get me started on suspenders, diapers, nappies, braces, hickies, lovebites and bangs.

Comment by Hsien

I think David and Victoria Beckham have been having trouble with American slang as well – rubbers, erasers, soccer, football,….

Comment by David Bradley

…rubbers are probably the most problematic, although as a teenager when I heard the Aussies use Sellotape and the Amercuns Trojans it got very confusal



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