Curious Genetics and DNA Google Ads

Curious Genetics and DNA Google Ads

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted July 26, 2007 in DNA Fun

  • laughing babyDNA Testing: Dude, He Really is Your Son… Not! Find Out for Sure… – This company’s writer must be a Maury Povitch fan.
  • Genes Made In Germany: novel, patented technology fast, reliable, inexpensive – Does it really matter where they’re made? Well, I guess I might not want genes made in China….
  • Learn Genetics in 24 Hrs: Rapid Learning of General Genetics. – Sign me up!
  • 99.9999% Acurate DNA Test – So “acurate,” they can’t even spell it.
  • Swabtest Paternity Test – It just sounds gross.
  • Haplogroup/SNP testing: Every man fits on a branch of the Y-Chromosome Tree. Find your branch. - Better lay off those donuts before your branch breaks.
  • Dna test: Dna Test on eBay for less. Feed your passion on! – What does eBay NOT sell?!
  • Buy Dna test: Shop now for on time Xmas delivery 1000s of great deals on our site – May you never need to take 1000s of DNA tests.
  • Find your roots: Test your DNA to find relatives. Solve the brick wall in your family – Wow. DNA tests can substitute for counseling?
  • Which DNA Test Is For Me?: He’s Cool, Fun and Free Let the Wizard Help You Decide – I’m all for it if the wizard’s name is Harry Potter.

Seen any amusing Google ads lately?

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Comment by David Bradley

Google Ads are such fun….yeah, right. Interesting precision claim though 99.9999%, that’s one in a million right?


Comment by Hsien

Personally, I wouldn’t trust a DNA test that’s not 99.99999% accurate.

J/K ;)

Comment by David Bradley

I’d like to see at least 99.9999999%

Comment by alicia Subscribed to comments via email

Yay for Harry Potter!

These are hysterical. Too, I’d like to know who’s giving away DNA tests for Christmas?

Comment by Hsien

“…who’s giving away DNA tests for Christmas?”

Yo mama. ;)

/me runs away

Comment by alicia Subscribed to comments via email

LMAO! You win the prestigious award of giving me my first laugh out loud moment of this Saturday!

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