Eye on DNA July Winner and August Contest

Eye on DNA July Winner and August Contest

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted August 1, 2007 in DNA Fun

Welcome to August and congratulations to our July contest winner – Blaine of The Genetic Genealogist! He gets a free DNA t-shirt from JMK Genealogy Gifts and I fully expect him to share a picture of himself wearing it. ;)

For the August contest, Eye on DNA is partnering with My Biotech Life to give one lucky winner an incredible logo designed by Rick Vidal. Here’s a sample of his fantastic work:

the-dna-network-logogene genie logo 400

Rick also has some free science icons and logos available for your downloading pleasure.

A custom designed logo from Rick is normally worth $150 USD but you can win one for free just by leaving a comment on any post at Eye on DNA during the month of August. Good luck!

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Comment by Krissy Poopyhands Subscribed to comments via email

Heck, free stuff? Consider this my entry, woman!

By the way, I read everything you write, I just don’t have much to say other than nodding sagely and trying to look like I’m following along.

*nods sagely*

*doesn’t follow a damned thing*


Comment by Hsien

Hey! Obviously I haven’t been doing a very good job if you’re not following a damned thing. I shall try to do better by you. My sincere apologies. :P

Comment by Boson

Hmm…so I can order a logo for the subject of my choosing? That is pretty awesome. Must be a pretty hard job though if you get requests for a logo based on something more abstract.

Comment by Hsien

You bet! Rick does a great job so I’m sure he’ll be able to design something no matter the subject. :)

Comment by Kerri.

I’m a new reader, but I’m no stranger to chance. ;) I would love to enter to win a logo from a talented designer. Consider this my entry!

Looking forward to your Grand Rounds.

Comment by Hsien

Thanks for the comment, Kerri! And good luck!! :)


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[...] General Congratulations to Kerri Morrone, creator of Six Until Me! Kerri’s the winner of the August Eye on DNA contest and will get a custom-designed logo worth $150 from Ricardo Vidal at My.BiotechLife.Net. Rick is [...]


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