Grand Rounds at the Beach

Grand Rounds at the Beach

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted August 7, 2007 in DNA in General

Welcome to the Grand Rounds Beach House! Although the Grand Rounds party has been held for two years and 46 weeks, this is the first time it’s been at this beautiful beach house that I reserved especially for medicine and health bloggers and their guests. Thanks also to Dr. Nick Genes for his leadership and my pre-rounds interview at Medscape.

beach house outside

Please wander around the rooms at your leisure and strike up a conversation with the people there if you have time. They’d appreciate some attention and a drink if you have it!


Kim at Emergiblog shares what it’s like to be a “baby” nurse raised by a village of other more experienced nurses and doctors.

Dean Moyer at Rebuild Your Back takes down alternative medicine and says that practitioners use endorphins as the “hook.”

Dr. Jonathan Eisen of The Tree of Life gives 10 reasons why medical professionals need to study evolution so you really have no excuse!

Tundra Medicine Dreams recounts an edge-of-the-seat story of a patient whose prostate was causing him pain. I hope he gets the treatment he needs way up there in Alaska!

Dr. Kristina Chew at AutismVox examines the concept of honesty in light of autism.

Colin Son at From Medskool wants to know why doctors act like car salesmen when it comes to discussing DNI/DNR (do no intubate/do not resuscitate) with their patients. I haven’t decided how I would make that choice for myself and loved ones. Have you?

ERnursey would avoid a pelvic exam in the emergency room at all costs but not everyone is so lucky. She’s seen and smelled some serious feminine maladies.

GruntDoc follows behind (ewww, terrible pun) and shares his experience removing a “rectal foreign body.”

Bertalan Mesko at ScienceRoll feels genetically naked at the thought of everyone having a peek at his genome. My advice? Get used to it, buddy. (Just kidding! More from Eye on DNA about whole genome sequencing for all.)

beach bbq BRAINY BBQ

Dr. Bruce Campbell shares a touching story of a patient with cancer who could still find joy in his past achievements. It’s also an excellent reminder of how the little things a doctor pays attention to can help put a patient at ease.

Dave Williams at MedTripInfo interviews Karen Timmons, President and CEO of Joint Commission International that provides accreditation to international hospitals. Some useful info to know when assessing medical care across countries.

Dr. Tara Smith at Aetiology takes a look at XDR-TB (extensively drug resistant tuberculosis) and its discovery. For those who haven’t been keeping up, the notorious Andrew Speaker was originally believed to have XDR-TB, but was later found to have the less threatening variation MDR TB (multi-drug resistant TB).

Dr. Deb Serani at Psychological Perspectives recommends the Oxford University Press Treatments That Works.

Gloria Gamat at Daily Diabetic has the perfect recipe for diabetics: capsules of insulin derived from genetically modified lettuce.

Jenni Prokopy of ChronicBabe has an interview with Daneen Akers, director of the documentary Living with Fibromyalgia: A Journey of Hope and Understanding. Also don’t forget to congratulate Jenni on a very productive two years at ChronicBabe. If you do, you may win a gift box!

Beth at PixelRN jumps in the breastfeeding vs formula fray and asks, “Just what is it that makes baby formula such a vile, disease-causing substance?

Kerri. at Six Until Me has had type 1 diabetes for 20 years. All day, every day, she plays the numbers game with her blood sugar. A tough game to win.

Dr. Anil Menon of Straight Talk from the Stanford ER discusses alcohol-related medical cases and mentions drunk students who were involved in accidents on campus. This hits close to home since I spent a happy, sober four years as a Stanford undergrad.

GrrlScientist at Living the Scientific Life tells us that steroid hormones stimulates growth in the brains of white-crowned sparrows which indicates that steroids may help repair brain damage in humans. She’s also been thinking about tobacco vs. marijuana.

JC Jones at Healthline Connects also investigates drug use and features peyote, a hallucinogenic substance from cactus.

Dr. Nancy Brown of Teen Health 411 applauds companies that have pledged to regulate junk food advertising to kids. Having seen how my five-year-old (it’s his birthday today!) memorizes commercials with ease, this can only be a good thing.

Mary Emma Allen at Alzheimer’s Notes wonders if caregivers see themselves in Alzheimer’s family members.

girlvet at madness: tales of an emergency room nurse recounts the build-up after the hospital disaster plan has been activated. She wants to know: How do you deal with people who have had the shock of their lives, life changing trauma?

exercise beachPAIN-GAIN GYM

How To Cope With Pain checks out NFL football players and sees that many suffer from depression and chronic pain. And here I thought sports was supposed to be fun!

David Bradley at Sciencebase is stretching and feeling good with yoga. Everybody together now – OMMMMM.

Allergy Notes links obesity with asthma. A tricky loop since asthma can also make it difficult for people to exercise.

Christian Bachmann at Med Journal Watch doesn’t necessarily believe obesity is all that bad and found many studies to support his hypothesis that being overweight is not always associated with a bad outcome.

Rachel at Tales of My Thirties (^5, girl!), shares the story of her weight gain and successful weight loss. All of it hinges on being active.

Dr. Paul Auerbach at Medicine for the Outdoors introduces guests blogger Dr. Jeffrey Peterson who shares his experience serving as a physician for the Running the Sahara event. I love adventure racing…watching, not participating! Dr. Auerbach also has an important post on the basics of tuberculosis .

Dr. Jolie Bookspan of The Fitness Fixer uses some very illustrative pictures of cheerleaders (I see all of you perking up now) to show how ab muscles can be overlooked in overhead lifts. Next time you’re thinking of doing a cheer, remember this!


Clinical Cases and Images suggests UpToDate as the universal textbook of medicine and says they have it installed on every computer at the Cleveland Clinic. A better endorsement can’t be found.

Dr. Steven Palter at docinthemachine showcases the world’s highest resolution HDTV surgical camera. Interestingly, the recorded images are better than what the surgeon sees in the operating room with his own eyes.

Dr. Joshua Schwimmer of Tech Medicine shows how the iPhone can be used to show videos as part of patient education. If health insurance covers the iPhone for medical use, then we’re golden.

Gloria Gamat over at Cancer Commentary takes a look at MRI and breast cancer detection .

Inside Surgery describes a commonly used bowel regimen for patients with spinal cord injuries called the “3-2-1″ regimen.

Dr. Kenneth Trofatter of Fruit of the Womb shares a set of guidelines for the management of anogenital warts especially with respect to pregnancy. Dr. Trofatter also tells me that some women don’t receive treatment for genital warts during pregnancy because their providers worry about causing other medical issues.

Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments reports that more children are being prescribed atypical antipsychotics despite some serious side effects.

beach house deckRANT AND RAVE DECK

Eric Turkewitz of the New York Personal Injury Law Blog explains why the cost of New York medical malpractice insurance jumped 14%. He also offers a suggestion for the Governor Eliot Spitzer’s administration that puts Eric on the side of patients, and not so much on the side of “problematic doctors.”

Rita Schwab at MSSPNexus Blog picks up on the law theme with the news that a West Virginia jury deliberated just one hour before finding a hospital’s credentialing process lacking. Rita speculates on what might have happened in this disaster of a court case and physician – Dr. John Anderson King.

Vitum Medicinus tells rural docs to leave town if they want a vacation lest medicine take over your life. I suppose the corollary would be for bloggers to leave their laptops while on vacation?! Nevah!

Dr. Linda Regan of NY Emergency Medicine advises women in medicine to ask for what they deserve because medicine is still a business. In my opinion, the difficulty lies in figuring out what exactly we deserve.

Bob Vineyard at Insureblog takes a stab at exploding the myth that the US healthcare system is broken by showing us that it’s Canada’s healthcare that’s in bigger trouble.

Trisha at Women’s Health Research News is shocked by the filth found in the average American hospital.

At other things amanzi, surgical training in the South African province of Mpumalanga leads to tears.

beach yard

Thank you for visiting the Grand Rounds Beach House! I hope you’ve had lots to eat, drink, and think.

And if you’re interested in DNA and how it affects every aspect of our lives, please make Eye on DNA part of your regular reading by subscribing to the RSS feed or email update. Also, every comment you leave enters you in the monthly contest. For August, you have the chance to win a custom-designed logo!

Next week’s Grand Rounds soiree will be at Med Journal Watch on August 14.

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Comment by Berci Meskó

Great and funny edition! I thought it’d be hard to find any articles during the summer, but you have plenty of submissions. Well-done, Hsien! :)

Comment by Hsien

Thanks, Berci. I half hoped it would be a quiet issue because I’m heading off to Legoland to celebrate my son’s birthday today!


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Comment by CT Subscribed to comments via email

Great job Dr. Lei. Thanks for the work this week.

Comment by Hsien

Thank you for your submission! You are up reeealy early this morning. Studying or on the wards?

Comment by Dean Moyer

Great job, Hsien! That’s a very long list of submissions. Thanks for including my post.

Comment by Hsien

Thanks, Dean! You’re a great writer. I enjoyed your post.

Comment by David Bradley

Great round up of the latest, and dare I say greatest…


Comment by Hsien

LOL You’re such a suck-up. *mwah*

Comment by Rita Schwab

Wow, a whole week at a great beach house! I feel privileged to have been invited. Thanks Hsien!


[...] out this week’s Grand Rounds, hosted by Eye on DNA. It included my interview on MedTripInfo with Karen Timmons, CEO of the Joint [...]

Comment by Mary Emma Allen

Thanks, Hsien, for a super issue of Ground Rounds. Also, thanks for inviting me to participate. It’s great to be included with so many awesome bloggers and experts.

Comment by hgstern

Terrific job, Doc! I can actually hear the surf and feel the sand between my toes :-)

Thanks for hosting, and for including our post.

Comment by ERnursey Subscribed to comments via email

Stupendous! Thanks for including me this week.

Comment by Deb

Wonderful, creative job!!!!

Comment by HowToCopeWithPain

Great job with the list, and helpful “preview” comments. Ahhhhh, I’m relaxing already at the beach. (You could even enter “Reading Grand Rounds at the beach” in my Your Most Creative Way To Relax contest going on right now!)

Trackback by InsureBlog Subscribed to comments via email

A Sunny Grand Rounds…

Dr Hsien-Hsien Lei, blogging at Eye on DNA, hosts this week’s beach-themed Grand Rounds. It’s not only great looking, it’s chock full of interesting posts from around the medblogosphere (yes, I love that term). The good doctor has collected 44 med-r…

Comment by Kerri.

Hooray! A beach theme! (So my style.) Great edition, and thanks for including my post. I’ve linked to your Rounds from SUM – thanks again!


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Comment by Hsien

Thanks, everyone! It was a pleasure doing business with you. ;)

Comment by The Tundra PA Subscribed to comments via email

A very nice Grand Rounds, and such a lovely spot for it! Thanks for including my post. I hope you and your son have a blast at Legoland.

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Comment by coturnix Subscribed to comments via email

Oh, I recognize where the top picture comes from – Lawrence Hall of Science above Berkeley (I walked up there!).

Comment by Hsien

coturnix, Yup! I saw your pics of the Lawrence Hall of Science.

BTW, my banner image rotates with each fresh reload of the page and there are 10-15 of different images at this point…I’ve lost count as I add to them. ;)


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[...] you need to visit the Grand Rounds Beach House hosted by the lovely Hsien-Hsien Lei (don’t ask me how to pronounce that) of EyeonDNA fame. [...]


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