The Genographic Project’s Dr. Spencer Wells on Colbert Report

The Genographic Project’s Dr. Spencer Wells on Colbert Report

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted August 15, 2007 in DNA Podcasts and Videos, DNA and Genealogy

Saturday is usually podcast and video day here but this video from yesterday’s Colbert Report featuring Dr. Spencer Wells of The Genographic Project is a must-see (the video is mislabeled on the Colbert site as the segment with Jerry Miller). At the risk of embarrassing myself, I just have to say that Dr. Wells is the perfect spokesperson…for obvious reasons. ;)

Thomas at Epidemix got to watch the entire show and had this to say:

Thing is, Colbert is very good at spotting the zeitgeist and parodying it before others spot it in the first place – so the fact that he’s twice made fun of DNA means that genetics is very much of the moment.

Glad Colbert’s on the DNA bandwagon with us!

NB: Click here to see Craig Venter on the Colbert Show last month.

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Comment by razib Subscribed to comments via email
Comment by Hsien

lol That’s what I typed first then decided to go all PC since I already embarrassed myself by ogling.

Comment by Lisa Subscribed to comments via email

LOL. Even my husband loves this guy. He said at the beginning of the Genographic Project, “Man, you just really want to hate this guy or write him off, but then he’s so…PERFECT for this.” Hsien, you’re not alone – even straight guys are crushing on good old Spence!

Comment by Hsien

Isn’t this perfect? We’re making a MALE scientist into a sex object!


[...] hilarious DNA skit they put together for the Colbert Report on Tuesday, August 14, when Dr. Spencer Wells of The Genographic Project was on. I wasn’t able to watch this skit until now since Colbert isn’t shown here in [...]

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