Eye on Doggie DNA

Eye on Doggie DNA

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted August 16, 2007 in DNA Products, DNA Testing

zaca dogMore animal DNA in the news! And even for me, who’s indifferent to animals, it’s fascinating stuff.

DNAPrint Genomics, makers of the AncestryByDNA and EuroDNA admixture genealogy tests, has introduced their latest product – Doggie DNAPrint. And similar to its human counterpart, Doggie DNAPrint traces your dog’s ancestry and compares it to four ancient ancestral breeds. All you need to do is to take a cheek swab of your dog, send it in to the lab, and you’ll get these results within 6 to 9 weeks:

  1. Raw genetic data
  2. A graphic depiction of the animal’s DNA
  3. Information on how to interpret the results

Doggie DNAPrint analyzes 204 “unique canine Ancestry Informative Markers (CanAIMs) on the dog genome.” As the Doggie DNAPrint database grows, you’ll also be able to compare your dog’s score to other purebred and mixed breed dogs. And personalized medicine for your dog isn’t far behind. Other companies offering breed DNA analysis tests for dogs include The Mars Wisdom Panel MX and Canine Heritage.

In other news, a man who claimed he saw a mountain lion in his Maine back yard has found that DNA tests on a sample of fur show it was a fox. Mr. Kelvin Higgins still insists that it was a mountain lion although the last mountain lion documented in Maine was seen and killed in 1938. Guess not everyone is awed by DNA test results.

Have you had a DNA test done on your dog yet?

Update: The four ancestral dog groups are: wolf-like, herders, hunters, and mastiff. And, the price of Doggie DNAPrint hasn’t been set yet but they’re offering some sort of “deep discount” if you express your interest at their website now.

Photo: From Gunni Cool of Zaca who passed away on August 15, 2007.

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Comment by jhay

Neat! Now I wonder how much does this cost in the Philippines. Most of our dogs here are hybrid breeds, or mongrels. Tracing their DNA would be very very fascinating.


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