Weird DNA Product #138: My DNA Fragrance

Weird DNA Product #138: My DNA Fragrance

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted September 8, 2007 in DNA Products

perfume bottleGetting bored with the usual ways in which you can use your DNA – cellular repair, forensic identification, just plain staying alive? My DNA Fragrance is for you!

You do the usual buccal swab DNA collection at home, send it in, and get an exclusive fragrance created wthin 7-10 business days. You can choose between perfume, oils, or cologne delivered to you in a “clinically approved aluminum bottle.” Prices range from $59.99 to $89.99 with optional perfume bottles BUT here’s the catch – first time customers have to pay an additional $99.99 for the DNA swab and lab fee. (Note: The way the price list is split up makes it confusing and potentially misleading.)

If your own “DNA fragrance” isn’t good enough for you, check out these other products that have to do with DNA.

Have you purchased any DNA products before? Which ones and how were they?

via Wired Science

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Comment by May Jefferson Subscribed to comments via email

I went to their site. I enjoyed it. It was easy to read. They have Steps 1-2-3. I didn’t find it confusing at all. Most websites have you reading through pages to find the bottom line. The site is beautiful and well organized. I commend them on the simplicity.

Most people don’t read the whole thing and so they don’t understand. Overall I think it is a unique idea. There is a list of DNA for everything else in the world now someone came up with an idea to make perfume too. Amazing!

Comment by Hsien

Hi May, Thanks for your comment! The site’s not too bad although it’s a bit 80’s Geocities-ish. ;) The explanations are clear but I still think they need to add a sentence in the price list to the $99 DNA Swab Kit saying that it’s a requirement for all first-time buyers.

In any case, if you or anyone else reading this get some DNA perfume, I’d love to hear what you guys thought of it!

Comment by lou Subscribed to comments via email

oh come on the website is terrible ! it gave me a headache just looking at it. so I’m only guessing what the perfume would smell like.

you obviously work for the company!

Comment by May Jefferson Subscribed to comments via email

Are you sure you read their site? Sounds to me like you are bashing them. I went all the way through to the shopping cart where they have the beautiful bottles. It does state that the lab fee is for first time buyers on the first page of the site. They have all the disclaimers in their privacy policy about how they protect my sample and are federally regulated. They also fully explain everything between their TOS and FAQs.

Why do people have to be so negative. Seems to me these people are doing something that people like, they are getting a lot of media attention. I googled them to see what other people are talking about.

Lastly, I like their website personally, every website you go on is static white, little color etc… I found it entertaining and informative. I commend the people at My DNA Fragrance.

Besides if you are so curious about the fragrance, why don’t you buy some yourself? Why wait for someone else to tell you?

Seems you are the one misleading the public not My DNA Fragrance. Be nice!

Comment by Hsien

May, I’m afraid you’re the one who isn’t reading carefully. I’m speaking specifically of the Price List page where it is absolutely NOT clear that you must combine both the price of the perfume and the DNA sample kit together for a first time purchase. Believe me when I say that most consumers will NOT read every page of every site and therefore, it is important to have vital information repeated as often as possible.

And I’m not clear why you’re getting all het up over a little constructive criticism. I can see from my referrer stats that you must have some sort of relationship to the company. Why not be upfront about who you are and who you represent?

I’m glad you like their website and just as there are many who will agree with you, there will be some who disagree. It’s not a huge deal.

As for trying the fragrance,

1. I don’t have to try something to make a comment about it.
2. I don’t like perfumes in general.
3. I don’t want to spend ~$200 on something so unnecessary.

I’m not misleading anyone. Please read my post again and refrain from false accusations.

Comment by May Jefferson Subscribed to comments via email

My point exactly – they do state it on every page. It says you pay one time, that you don’t have to pay again in the future. In the shopping cart etc… You obviously only read the Price section cause you are so cheap and don’t like perfume.

No false accusations here and I’m not getting sensitive, no reason to. I thought we were just having a friendly debate, but now you want to track me down, is it that serious. Isn’t this what blogs are for, to express your opinion.

People always have something negative to say about things that people may enjoy. But people are always so busy picking on small things like a perfume product. Of which you state you don’t like perfume anyway. So there in lies the truth behind your accusation.

More awful things are happening in the world, the war in Iraq being one, that is something I think we all agree on. My only point was that you have your opinion which is obviously based on the fact that you don’t like perfume and don’t wish to spend money on fragrance for yourself either. However, there are many of us out here that love fragrance and spend lots of money on fragrance, clothes getting our nails done etc… besides when I go to do those I am prepared to spend my money. I love exclusive things, and they generally cost. So anyone that would buy something like this type perfume would already know they are going to spend some money.

I do intend to purchase my own fragrance as well. Be Nice Dr. You seem to be the one that is offended.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Hsien

You know what I take offense at, “May”? Your patronizing attitude. Stop telling me to “be nice.” I have no obligation to “be nice” and have every right to say what I think.

Buy your perfume and enjoy it. Hope your company gets some free publicity here along with the other DNA products I’ve listed. I’ve included My DNA Fragrance because I do think it’s novel and fun but not because I think we need it. After all, there’s a war in Iraq.

And here’s some “nice” advice. Think twice before leaving comments like these in a public forum. They could turn your customers against you.

Comment by Hsien

BTW, to help you defend your company, go bash Brandon Keim at Wired Science. You definitely won’t like his comments on My DNA Fragrance. ;)

Comment by May Jefferson Subscribed to comments via email

Oh, by the way, I just went back to their site and it does say that you don’t have to pay this fee in the future on the pricing page. It is stated several times throughout the site.

Good Day


Comment by Hsien

“May” – I know it is. I’m not disputing that. All I’m saying is that the pricing page itself could be reworded. What’s the big whoop-dee-do?

Comment by May Jefferson Subscribed to comments via email

What customers??? I teach special ed kids. Sorry to rattle your cage. Just my opinion, nothing more.

Comment by Hsien

“May,” You wouldn’t happen to be the Dr. Diva Verdun as named in the press release, would you? Maybe you can explain what a PhD in Metaphysics is all about.

And since you started with the ad hominem attack by calling me cheap, let me congratulate you on having enough expendable income to spend on $200 DNA perfumes on a special ed teacher’s salary.

If I were really going to trash My DNA Fragrance, I would be asking the same questions everyone else is asking – How is the genetic info being translated into signature scents? Unless I knew the science behind it, I’d have to believe that I’d get just as good of a “deal” buying other kinds of $200 perfumes.

There’s nothing wrong with buying perfume but just know that what you’re getting may be a gimmick. Any by the way, I’m not the only one who doesn’t think much of the site design.

Now back to some REAL genetics.

Comment by Joan Subscribed to comments via email

Well, that’s settled then. I won’t be buying any. Apparently wearing it causes the fumes to go to your head and makes you an arrogant *sshole!

Comment by Hsien

Oh, Joan. As “May” would say, “Be nice!” :P

Comment by laura Subscribed to comments via email

Self Scented – Not Self Centered….did anyone read that?

Not that I would ever presume to judge anyone- but if someone had a scent created that was based on their dna-wouldn’t that make them self centered?

If I was going to pay $200 on perfume (which I have never done before) I would like to know EXACTLY what I would be getting.

It would be just my luck, to fork out all of that cash-and get something based on my dna, that I would absolutely hate.

I wonder what this company would come up with, for people who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder. Some of these people miss wearing perfume.

Comment by Joan Subscribed to comments via email

I wonder if it works like PolyJuice Potion?

It would make dating so much easier *sniff sniff* “sorry, you smell like a jerk!”

Comment by Hsien


*sniff sniff*

“Sorry, you smell like a fraud!”

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Joan Subscribed to comments via email

*sniff sniff*

“Your DNA smells just like MY DNA! I smell something fishy…and it’s not our DNA!”

Comment by Hsien

Wouldn’t it be awful to hate or be allergic to your own DNA?

Customer thinks: “Oh, so that’s what my problem has been all my life….”

Comment by laura Subscribed to comments via email

i bet all the perfumes smell like vanilla (or some variation of).

I read somewhere, that vanilla is the most popular scent….it makes men crazy, because it makes them think of their grandmother’s baking.

I guess that’s another risk….I would like to think my dna smells unique. I would be very disappointed to find out that my dna, smells like everyone else.

Comment by Hsien

“I would be very disappointed to find out that my dna, smells like everyone else.”

That’s a really good point! Maybe you’d at least get a unique perfume bottle out of it? But probably not…. I can’t believe I gave them a free marketing idea but I’m just generous that way.

Comment by Jul Subscribed to comments via email

Be nice! Don’t you know there’s a war going on in Iraq? The patriotic thing to do would be to go out and order some DNA perfume.


P.S. – my DNA smells like cookies!

Comment by Hsien

Jul, Your cookie DNA perfume would be perfect for all the starving children in Africa. Don’t you know there’s a war going on in Iraq?

Comment by Hsien

Here’s another fab review of My DNA Fragrance:

Your personal whiff is sent to you within 7-10 days and your DNA code is helpfully and not at all worryingly kept on file for future orders, or for when the FBI finally track you down for that nasty business in Phuket.

Comment by Jul Subscribed to comments via email

OK, now that reviewer obviously has NO IDEA that there’s a war going on in Iraq. I hope Miss May saunters over there to straighten him out.

Comment by Rosie Subscribed to comments via email

Wow what a crazy woman this May is! You dealt with it very well Hsien, although I would have just banned her within a couple of posts as she is so obviously full of s**t.

Comment by Hsien

Hey Rosie! I can’t ban people who provide us with so much entertainment. :P

Comment by Rebecca Subscribed to comments via email

Hmmm…. I open tubes of DNA everyday and they all smell the same to me. I wasn’t aware that DNA had a fragrance. ;) I think your DNA probably wouldn’t survive in the perfume anyway unless it was loaded with EDTA.

Comment by Hsien

Speaking of EDTA, I found some links saying that it gets rid of fishy smells so maybe EDTA + DNA = My DNA Deodorant. I think that’s a money maker, don’t you??? Woohoo. I can see the money falling from the trees now.

Comment by KathyF Subscribed to comments via email

Whew! I was about to call in the parking warden to settle this dispute! Glad to see you handled it, Hsien!

(I would say, I suspect May’s DNA perfume smells like the inside of a used Chevrolet, but that wouldn’t be nice. And remember, in addition to that war in Iraq, there’s a recycling truck to deal with!)

Comment by Hsien

You got that right, Kathy! But luckily for us, DNA perfume cures all. That DNA is powerful stuff!


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