Weekly Specials from The DNA Network

Weekly Specials from The DNA Network

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted September 17, 2007 in The DNA Network Specials

the-dna-network-logoThe DNA Network of blogs about genetics, genomics, and DNA is growing arithmetically, if not exponentially. Today, we welcome our 27th member – Walter Jessen of Highlight HEALTH. Our Facebook group is growing as well with some notable personalities from bloggers to genetics and healthcare professionals. Come join us!

While co-founder Ricardo is busy setting up our own site at DNAbloggers.com, we have developed The DNA Network Search Engine. You can find the search widget in the Eye on DNA sidebar. I hope it will help you discover the latest opinions and news on the genome revolution from the blogs in the Network.

Here are some specials from members of The DNA Network over the past week:

If you have a blog to recommend for The DNA Network, please let me know!

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