DNA Shopping: K’Nex Education DNA, Replication, and Transcription

DNA Shopping: K’Nex Education DNA, Replication, and Transcription

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted September 27, 2007 in DNA Inventions and Gadgets

knex dna

The prize for the September Eye on DNA contest is a ZOOB building set. Maybe for the one-year anniversary contest next April, I’ll give away this $44.50 K’Nex Education DNA, Replication, and Transcription set.

Product description:

Set includes 521 K’NEX Rods and Connectors and a 24 page full color building instruction booklet. Builds 7 DNA and mRNA molecules. Build any one from 19 combinations at once. Wonderfully flexible set allows students to build and learn using models that demonstrate phosphate groups, deoxyribose/ribose sugars, color-coded hydrogen bonds, four codons and color coded nucleotides. Set supports two students working as a team.

I gotta have one!

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Comment by David Bradley

Can I be ten again? This would’ve fed inner ubergeek for weeks after Christmas 1976!


You don’t have to be 10 again! But you can try my trick. I put this building set on my son’s wish list. HahAH!

Comment by David Bradley


…well you know I showed you all that geetar stuff on my son’s wishlist?



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