Google Answers DNA: Having Children

Google Answers DNA: Having Children

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted October 11, 2007 in DNA @ Google Answers

A man on Google Answers wanted to find a woman who’d bear four to 12 children with him. He asks:

How does one find a girl interested in having many children? What’s the best way to go about my search? Should I think about moving to rural

In response, one of the comments suggested:

If your main goal is passing along your DNA to the next generation,
you might want to give serious consideration to becoming a sperm

Well. That just about covers it.

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i already have 4 children,want to have minimum 10 more,just because my husband is crazy about children and i love him very much,he is also very helpfull with the household,so my allah bless us with healthy our own 15 children.I first advice u to find a woman that truly love u and surely she will love to have as many kids as u like.

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