DNA Direct Introduces Ancestry & Ethnicity and Paternity Testing

DNA Direct Introduces Ancestry & Ethnicity and Paternity Testing

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted October 15, 2007 in DNA Testing, DNA and Genealogy

The very first project I was hired to work on at DNA Direct has come to fruition!! We are now offering ancestry and ethnicity DNA testing.

If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about your family history using DNA testing, try our FIND tool that will take you step-by-step through the process of selecting the right genetic test for your interests. There’s also basic information about ancestry and ethnicity testing that will help anyone wanting to learn more about this growing field.

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Come check it out!

Update: DNA Direct is also offering paternity testing! The second project I was assigned.

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Comment by Barry Starr Subscribed to comments via email

Congratulations Hsien! I often get asked at Ask a geneticist about which ancestry testing company is a good one. Why should I recommend them to DNA Direct instead of AncestrybyDNA or any of the other companies out there?

Thanks, Barry! We’re actually partnering with Ancestry.com and DNAPrint (makers of AncestryByDNA) to offer these tests. Please see here for details on why we’ve picked them as our preferred providers. In a nutshell, we went through all the companies offering genealogy DNA testing and concluded that these two companies (thus far) have specific testing expertise that consumer will find valuable.


I should also mention that our FIND tool is the first of its kind anywhere so at the very least, come visit DNA Direct and try it out! It’s almost as good as having a live person take you through the steps of deciding which genealogy DNA is right for answering your specific questions about ancestry.

Comment by Barry Starr Subscribed to comments via email

I was pretty surprised at how expensive it was (although as a tightwad I always am). Is the cost in the analysis? Is it more expensive if I go through DNA Direct instead of Ancestry by DNA directly?

I tried to get to the ancestry testing through the DNA Direct front page and couldn’t do it. Is there a separate page?

I liked the Find although I found I wanted more information. For example, when I wanted to trace my paternal line, two tests came up–33 and 46 marker Y tests. I wanted to know the advantage of each so I could pick the right one.

DNA Direct offers the genealogy DNA tests at the same cost as Ancestry.com and AncestryByDNA.com. I’m not sure what goes into calculating the prices – I’m guessing R&D, lab costs, explanatory materials, etc.

As for accessing the ancestry testing through DNAdirect.com, can you tell me where you were clicking? On the main DNA Direct homepage, if you click on Ancestry & Ethnicity Testing under Tests & Services and it should take you there.

Also, in the FIND tool, if you click on the button for Y-DNA 33 or Y-DNA 46, it will give you more information about each test. Sorry that’s not so clear. I’ll let the team know.

Comment by Barry Starr Subscribed to comments via email

I clicked on the two Y tests but nothing happened. Maybe a safari/mac issue?

I see the ancestry testing now. Pretty subtle!

(Comments wont nest below this level)

I’ll let them know your running safari/mac. :)

I see the ancestry testing now. Pretty subtle!

lol Well, you know DNA Direct’s specialty is still medical genetic testing!


Barry, You running Safari is driving our web developer to despair. heh

Comment by Barry Starr Subscribed to comments via email

Somehow the thought of a web developer in despair gave me a bit of joy–schadenfreude at its best. Although considering the difficulty I once had in getting an apostrophe to work in Safari, Mozilla and IE perhaps I shouldn’t smile so much.


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