DIY DNA from BBC 5 Live Report

DIY DNA from BBC 5 Live Report

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted October 28, 2007 in DNA Podcasts and Videos, DNA Testing, Nutrigenomics

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This week’s BBC 5 Live Report looked at personalized genetic testing, specifically with respect to nutrigenomics. Click play to listen.

Dr. Paul Jenkins of Genetic Health is quoted in the BBC write-up:

All of the genes we analyse have been published in very large-scale studies in the most eminent medical studies and show a clear association between those polymorphisms [genetic variations] that individuals possess and their risk of having a disease.

These are not diagnostic tests and that is a point I make very firmly to all the patients.

We’re not guaranteeing either they will or they will not develop a disease, but I think individuals have a right to know whether they are at increased risk genetically, in the same way that knowing you have high blood risk puts you at increased risk of heart disease.

We definitely have the right to know but how much information is there available “to know”? We desperately need a resource like Genome Commons but for consumer genetic tests. Who wants to start one with me?

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count me in – there are already reviews on some oncotests in my blog.


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