New Line Genetics and Offer $5,000 for Your DNA

New Line Genetics and Offer $5,000 for Your DNA

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted October 29, 2007 in DNA Testing, DNA in General, Gene Therapy, Polls About DNA

cold spring harbor dnaOver the past few weeks, I’ve been communicating with Anthony Martin, the founder and owner of New Line Genetics, a Silicon Valley company positioned at the forefront of the genomics revolution. He’s got some interesting and innovative ideas that will definitely get people talking. I’ve invited him to introduce his company today. (Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in New Line Genetics.)

Hsien has graciously offered me the space for a guest post today, and I am honored to accept. I would like to use this platform to announce the official launch of! This site will allow any individual to sell his or her DNA to New Line Genetics for research and development purposes, and each DNA donor will be paid at least $5,000 USD for their sample.

Since I launched the company back in 2002, we’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars into genetics research, and we’ve grown at a 50% rate in both profits and staff size every year. With the enormous revenue growth we expect from our proprietary organ-farming system, we are poised to become the largest and most influential genetics company in the world within the next five years. During this time we plan to vastly improve the current state of medical genetics, and use our developing cybernetics technology to lay the groundwork for the next stage of human evolution.

In order to continue at our current pace of research and development, we need your help. Our existing cell lines are no longer sufficient for the volume of work we’re doing, so we’ve been looking into ways to obtain viable samples in a cost-effective and legal way. To this end, New Line Genetics is leading a pilot program with the patent office that allows us to patent individual genomes. This new process circumvents all current restrictions on sequence patents, since we are patenting a totally unique sequence, not a generic one. As long as the individual donor is aware that his genomic sequence will no longer belong to him, and said donor receives appropriate payment for goods sold, we are free to use the DNA sample in any of our existing programs.

This is good news for both us and you. We will be able to continue our groundbreaking research, and you’ll be able to earn at least $5,000 USD by selling something you don’t even use! As an added bonus to you, if your specific DNA sample is used to generate a replacement organ that we grow in our lab and sell to a hospital, you will be eligible to receive a percentage of the profit. So please, tell your friends and family about, and keep those samples coming in!

Would you sell your DNA? Take the poll below the fold!

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So is this truth or fiction? (Please don’t leave any outraged comments until you’ve clicked on this link.)




Just to cover my butt, this post is a joke, hoax, funny, etc.!!



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Comment by NA Subscribed to comments via email

Wow, 5,000 dollars for selling your DNA while in college looks REALLY nice. My DNA sample is well on its way (sorry, I need to the money for college). I will ask my fiance if she wants to do the same. Then we can make 10,000 dollars.


You bet! Create a few other personas, steal some DNA, and you’d be even richer!

Comment by Krissy Poopyhands Subscribed to comments via email

Dude, under “Macheavelian” in the dictionary, your picture just popped up.


That creeped me out totally. I am utterly shocked that it creeped me out, but it did.


It’s like buying rights to, I dunno, my fingerprints. Or my facial expressions. Or my soul. Mostly my soul.


Comment by ndatmo Subscribed to comments via email

I guess you can’t always expect perfect spelling from everyone, but you don’t want to get Machiavelli retro-actively angry. You know how he gets.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by ramunas Subscribed to comments via email

i’m totally overwhelmed.

ROFL Maybe the company would be interested in opening an overseas franchise that you can lead?

Comment by Anthony Martin Subscribed to comments via email

Let’s not be too hasty, Hsien. We’re not expanding that quickly. If we ever do open an overseas franchise, however, you and your readers will be the first to know.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by ramunas Subscribed to comments via email

sure – we’re only in it for the money :)

Comment by ramunas Subscribed to comments via email

btw, i’m afraid I can’t – right now I’m sponsored by NicoMarket ( :)

HAHAA Where in the world did you find that link, ramunas??

Comment by clara

How amusing. Someone on StumbleUpon totally didn’t get it.

She says she didn’t make it to the end of the post! Woohoo. Reeled at least one in. :D

Comment by jhay

It’s very tempting, if it were real. Then again having no rights over your DNA is something very scary, who knows what they’d do to it.

Comment by ndatmo Subscribed to comments via email

Sounds great…take as much as you need. I can always make more. Hope you don’t mind that it’s all twisty and helix-y. I have naturally curly hair, so it’s probably related somehow.
I am working on producing some super-fancy Moebius DNA that just won’t quit…I’ll send up a flare when I have it perfected perfected perfected perfected perfected prefected perfected perfected perfected perfected perfected…


[...] I think that have some similarities with immaginatory services, but real. Bercy, hurry up to sign in! [...]

Comment by lisa Subscribed to comments via email

Let’s see…this isn’t such a bargain, so I think they need to rethink their metrics. You can be an egg donor for $5000 but that doesn’t mean you give up all your eggs/future child-potential. If New Line owns your DNA, do you then have to pay them to access and use your DNA for things like medical tests and procedures? If Newline grew you a new organ from your DNA, would you have to pay them for your organ, then receive your royalty on your payment? What a headache for the accounting department!

Comment by Anthony Martin Subscribed to comments via email

Hey Lisa, just to clarify – if we buy your DNA, it does not prohibit you from the future access and use of said DNA. You’re still free to do whatever you wish with it on a personal level . . . New Line Genetics just owns the patent rights to use the sample in our research programs.

Additionally, if you should ever need a replacement organ, you will be able to buy one grown from your own DNA for a very nominal fee – just enough to cover our cost to produce it.

Comment by lisa Subscribed to comments via email

Well now, that could be a better deal. Especially if you get royalties on each liver or spleen your (licensed) DNA grows. Has New Line considered creating a Geni- or MySpace-styled community where people whose genomes have been used can be connected with recipients of the benefits of those genomes? You know, “connect with other Jane Doe DNA hybrids like you”?


[...] Lei at Eye on DNA tells us that New Line Genetics and Offer $5,000 for Your DNA. Would you sell [...]


[...] Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei posted an interesting poll on her blog, Eye on DNA: “Would you sell your DNA?” (right column) based on a company that is literally offering people $5000 for their DNA. [...]

Comment by Experiment9

The horrific future is upon us.
We are all slaves owned by genetic tinkerers whom fancy themselves as GODS.

This will surely expedite the end of our species and usher in an era of X-men like freaks or super-athletes that glow in the dark.

” Or to have the visions of a bat or nine plus lives like a cat”…Pye DuBois

Comment by ndatmo Subscribed to comments via email

Very nice! You should write blurbs for rental DVD covers. I especially like “genetic tinkerers whom(sic) fancy themselves (as) GODS.” Scary, but not too scary…perfect for hokey PG-13 feature.

Comment by ndatmo Subscribed to comments via email

I would like to get in early on this deal. And I’ll be happy to sponsor Krissy P., who apparently has not realized that in the very near future it will be completely illegal to BOTH use a ridiculous or scatological name AND misspell Machiavellian. Krissy’s DNA can be put up on the rack and ‘adjusted’ to reflect these punitive laws. Then everyone will be FP (FakePerfect) and will be allotted 1FI (Fake Imperfection) for the EN (Engineered Nostalgia) which will be popular far into the very short future of mankind. -2I (Minus 2 Imperfection) Penal colonies are not a good place to be…no one wants that. Except possibly Barbara Bush who is already heavy-invested in PPFMP (Privatized Prisons for Maximum Profits).

Comment by studying student

I would give my DNA to the company for the betterment of mankind and training because i aspire to becoming a geneticist after high school

Comment by Just Looking Subscribed to comments via email

How come New Line Genetics does not have a physical address or phone number listed on their website?

They also misspelled Berkeley on the site.

Comment by Anthony Martin Subscribed to comments via email

First of all, I had to check to see if it was Berkeley I attended. Indeed it was, and I’m horrified that I spelled it incorrectly.

My deepest apologies, my friend. I believe I’ll offer you double the lab estimate on your DNA sample, should you choose to donate.

Comment by ndatmo Subscribed to comments via email

It is my fervent wish that no individuals who are completely devoid of a Sense of Humor be cloned. There is more to Life than spelling the Berkeley in California correctly. There is also tumbling to the humorous tone of this whole thing.
My new plan is to quickly attend some political events and secure DND samples by shaking hands with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (I categorically refuse to shake hands with a Republican candidate who thinks that being in Iraq for another 100 years is hunky dory…even for money). Either one will have a very tough road ahead and I think a few clones ricochet-ing around the World and The White House could be of tremendous help. A small group could be send ahead now to start steam-cleaning the joint to decontaminate it.

Comment by ndatmo Subscribed to comments via email

Yikes!…I can spell ‘Berkeley’ and ‘richochet’ right, but apparently ‘DNA’ was too much of a challenge. Sorry.

ndatmo, Gawd. How stupid can you get? Stop with the misspellings. ;)

Comment by HeLL Subscribed to comments via email

Silly monkeys didnt you read next generation.just sell it to our apparently very bored friends steal it back and when they send bounty hunters after you to steal back their property you can kill them and get away with it.

Then you can do it over and over again they have a rite to reclaim there property you have a rite to protect yours.

you’ll be the first justified mass murder fun stuff kids.

then crichton will make a book and [profanity edited] you on royalties………….then kill him to.

Comment by Xile Subscribed to comments via email

I read that this whole thing is a hoax…. I’m not entirely sure, but I am more than willing to donate so long as i recieve the money at the same time or before, I would love to see what genetics can do to my DNA and genetic information, but in these hard times, that money will most certainly aid me greatly… so please, let me know if this is in fact just a hoax, or if it is real and I will be paid for donating a sample of my DNA

Comment by ndatmo Subscribed to comments via email

Hint: You can’t spell hoax or Xile without an X chromosome. Y? I don’t know. I leave that to Hsien-Hsien Lei, PhD.


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