DNA Paternity Tests Available At Local Pharmacies

DNA Paternity Tests Available At Local Pharmacies

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted November 26, 2007 in DNA Testing

dna paternity kit identigeneFeeling adventurous today? If you’re in California, Oregon, or Washington, head on down to Rite Aid and grab a Sorenson Identigene paternity test kit off the shelf for as little as $20 plus $119 for DNA analysis. Offer good while supplies last. (Ok, I added the last bit because I thought it sounded appropriate.)

Here’s what you get:

  1. Three sets of cotton swabs to collect cheek samples from the child, the alleged father, and the mother (optional)
  2. Envelopes to return the samples to the Soreson lab in Salt Lake City
  3. You receive your results within five days of the lab receiving the sample

Keep in mind that these paternity test results are for personal use only and would not be legally admissible. For paternity test results that you can use in child custody or immigration situations, you’d need to undergo chain-of-custody DNA testing which would document each step of the process to ensure that the samples are linked to the right person.*

Identigene was acquired by Sorenson Genomics in June 2007. Previously, Sorenson’s paternity testing was handled by GeneTree, which has since chosen to focus on genetic genealogy. According to the Identigene website, their DNA paternity test collection kits are also available at Meijer and other unspecified pharmacies.

The Sorenson Identigene test is not the only genetic test currently available on the shelf. Sciona’s Mycellf nutrigenomic test is also available through Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy as well as online. In 2002, the Mycellf genetic tests were also available at some Body Shop stores in the UK until lobbying from GeneWatch UK and others forced the Body Shop to stop selling the tests. At the same time, 13 UK retailers, including Boots, John Lewis, and Marks and Spencer, also decided not to stock genetic tests.

via The New York Times

*The company I work for, DNA Direct, also offers both home and legal paternity testing.

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Comment by Reanee Wilkinson

I am trying to purchase one of your dna paternity test and need to locate a store near me. I live in Tampa, florida also travel to Dothan, Alabama and sometimes Georgia. Can you please help me. Thank you!


[...] a successful test launch in California, Oregan and Washington, Identigene has now introduced their over-the-counter [...]


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