DNA Video: deCODEme Buccal Swab DNA Collection Instructions

DNA Video: deCODEme Buccal Swab DNA Collection Instructions

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted November 28, 2007 in DNA Podcasts and Videos

How can she keep smiling after scraping her cheeks with that high tech popsicle stick aka buccal swab? I think it might make me gag.

Check out pictures of other types of buccal swabs and DNA collection procedures at Google Images.

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Comment by Misha

This makes me want to move to Iceland.

You can create your own Iceland with a high tech buccal swab or two or three…. ;)

Comment by Lisa Subscribed to comments via email

Oh, you are so cheeky! I’ve got a deCODE swab right here on my desk that I can send if you’d like to practice :-)

Lisa, I don’t know if I’m “cheeky” enough to scrape myself with a deCODE swab 8x?!?!


[...] DNA Video: deCODEme Buccal Swab DNA Collection Instructions (Eye on DNA): [...]


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