What’s in your DNA? #20

What’s in your DNA? #20

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted December 2, 2007 in In Your DNA

Susan Conant on dog DNA (only I’m not so sure if she’s writing about herself or her dog?!):

I am half tempted to mail off my own cheek swabs and blood samples, but I am so sure of what’s inscribed in my DNA that I won’t bother. I am Scottish, English, and Alaskan malamute and much too Scottish to throw away good money finding out what I already know.


Lizard Queen on her DNA with respect to being adopted:

So that realization is what makes 23andMe look so appealing to me. I heard of it on Wire Science this past Wednesday. And even though, like the Hubby, images of Gattaca passed through my mind, for a person whose family health history is found only in herself, knowing what my DNA says about me is valuable knowledge indeed. This is particularly important, now that I’ve spawned and all.

Jamie at Starshyne Productions:

Stepping up and leading something is just in my DNA. At home I created games, performances, businesses when I was a kid. When I was older, I became involved in leadership activities at school. When I’m involved in something I generally have a strong response and get personally invested in what’s at stake. If I don’t, I generally don’t see the need to participate.

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