Eye on DNA Headlines for 3 December 2007

Eye on DNA Headlines for 3 December 2007

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted December 3, 2007 in DNA and Disease, DNA and Genealogy, Eye on DNA Headlines

globeandmail.com: The Boy in the Moon

  • Writer Ian Brown has begun a three part series in The Globe and Mail–The Boy in the Moon–about his son, Walker, who was born with cardio-facio-cutaneous syndrome (CFC). Now 11 years old, Walker is one of only 300 people worldwide with CFC, a rare single gene disorder. Four genes have been associated with CFC, BRAF, MEK1, MEK2 and KRAS, with most affected individuals having a sporadic mutation in BRAF. (HT: Eric)
  • Speaking of doggie DNA, K9 Genetics Corp is offering DNA analysis for dogs to help determine the best formulation of Personalized Chow and Personalized Treats for them. Nutrigenomics for dogs!! A new DNA development every day, I tell ya. (HT: Trish)
  • Amanda Bower of Fast Company trial runs Navigenics and finds out she has “some of the lowest risk” of disease that they’ve seen. Now how many people would they have seen so far since Navigenics isn’t officially accepting customers yet?
  • Tim Agazio of Genealogy Reviews Online has put together a round-up of his DNA testing articles covering his experiences with Family Tree DNA and DNA Ancestry (a partner with my company, DNA Direct). Worthwhile reading if you’re considering venturing into the land of DNA and genealogy.
  • Whole genome scans and genetic testing are being likened to “health horoscopes“! Wonder if that’s trademarked?
  • Throw some confetti for the folks at Personal Genome Project! They’ve got a newly designed website with some graphics created by DNA Network member Ricardo Vidal. Jason Bobe, who’s in charge of PGP community and planning, has more on the redesign. If you’re at all interested in signing up to learn more about your genome as well as getting the chance to donate your DNA to science, you have to check out the Personal Genome Project.

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Comment by David Bradley

Got any genetics news on the rare congenital heard condition known as tetralogy of fallot?


There are some personal stories on Google News if you’re interested….

Comment by David Bradley

Thanks, there’s one item that stood out quite sharply there, referencing folate deficiency. A useful clue to the particular case I have in mind.



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