DNA Direct Launches DNA Archive for Home DNA Storage

DNA Direct Launches DNA Archive for Home DNA Storage

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted December 4, 2007 in DNA Products

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With advances in genetic technology happening faster than any of us ever expected*, now is the time to start storing DNA from your family members and yourself. Blaine at The Genetic Genealogist gives five reasons to save your grandmother’s DNA and now DNA Direct is making it easier than ever to store personal DNA. DNA Archive is a revolutionary method for home DNA storage that allows you to store your personal DNA at room temperature and in any location you wish, e.g., at home, safe deposit box, etc.

I hope you’ll find the press release for the launch of DNA Archive informative (it’s the first one I’ve ever written!).

DNA Direct Launches DNA Archive(TM), a Revolutionary Method for Home DNA Storage
Preserving genetic history for the future

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ — DNA Direct today announced the launch of DNA Archive(TM), a revolutionary method for storing personal DNA. DNA Direct will offer the state-of-the-art storage technology, developed by Biomatrica, direct to consumers to enable them to store DNA in the safety and privacy of their own home, safe deposit box, or any other location of their choosing.

“Genetic technology is advancing so quickly that storing DNA for the future is the smart thing to do,” explains Ryan Phelan, CEO of DNA Direct. “As more sophisticated testing increasingly becomes available, we can use stored DNA to gain valuable insights into our family’s medical history. Storing our own, our parents’, or our grandparents’ DNA using DNA Archive(TM) preserves our genetic history for the future.”

How DNA Archive(TM) Works

DNA Archive(TM) is secure, convenient and at $175, an affordable way to store DNA. A simple, painless cheek swab sample is mailed to the laboratory for extraction. The DNA is dried using SampleMatrix(R), a synthetic medium that “shrink wraps” DNA. The preserved DNA is delivered in lab-quality tubes and UV-resistant packaging for safe, stable storage.

DNA Archive(TM) samples can be reconstituted by any lab using only a few drops of water. Each sample contains ample DNA to perform currently available genetic testing for clinical genetics, identity, or ancestry. Three samples of DNA are included in each DNA Archive(TM) kit, so that DNA can be stored in multiple locations.

Unlike other DNA banking services, DNA Archive(TM) does not require yearly maintenance fees for freezing and off-site storage. DNA Archive(TM) samples can be kept at room temperature in any dry location. Customers will find peace of mind knowing a family member’s DNA is safe and within their reach.

Why store your DNA?

There are a number of reasons people from all walks of life are choosing to store their DNA. Storing DNA is a good way to prepare for the future when genetic testing becomes more affordable, new genes are discovered, and genetic technologies continue to advance and bring new medical insight.

Stored DNA can be used to:

  • Understand your family’s medical history
  • Understand your inherited physical characteristics
  • Understand your family tree

How to order DNA Archive(TM)

Individuals can purchase DNA Archive(TM) at the DNA Direct website at www.dnadirect.com. For more information about SampleMatrix(R), visit the Biomatrica website at www.biomatrica.com.

About DNA Direct

DNA Direct is a privately held San Francisco company offering personalized, confidential medical genetic testing, consumer genetics, and genetic counseling. www.dnadirect.com.

About Biomatrica

Biomatrica, The Biostability Company, provides innovative and reliable storage solutions for laboratories managing and processing biological samples. Current products preserve DNA and RNA at room temperature, as well as sample management software. www.biomatrica.com


*George Church is now in the running for the Archon Genomics X Prize and thinks he can cut whole genome sequencing costs down to $1000 sometime in 2008. This would be an amazing achievement indeed particularly in regards to how it would affect the personal genome sequencing company he co-founded, Knome. (For more, see my interview with Knome CEO Jorge Conde.)

Update: Lisa Lee at DNA Direct Talk has more about DNA Archive.

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Comment by Barry Starr

So Church is offering free genome sequencing at PGP and genome sequencing at Knome for 349K? What’s the difference? Also, is it pronounced like garden gnome?

Barry, Participants in the PGP get their exomes sequenced, not their entire genome. More info at Genomeboy.

And, yes I think Knome is pronounced like gnome. (Of course, that depends on how one pronounces “gnome.” heh)

Comment by Ari Subscribed to comments via email

Sorry about the confusion. Yes, it is pronounced “nome” like the city in Alaska, garden gnome, etc..


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