What’s in your DNA? #22

What’s in your DNA? #22

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted December 16, 2007 in In Your DNA

Keith Robison at Omics! Omics! beat me to the punch this week when he probed corporate DNA.

The question posed is this: what do companies asking this really mean, or more specifically what might it mean that they don’t intend (very Dilbert-esque). Presumably they are trying to make a statement about deeply embedded values, but what does it really mean to have something in your DNA?

vortexdna-logoSpeaking of corporate DNA, VortexDNA provides “core infrastructure technology” that protects your privacy during Web searches and helps to create a more personalized Web experience (whatever that means). Interestingly, their blogger, Kaila, even uses 23andMe vs. Epigenetics as examples.

This science has profound implications for the offerings of 23andMe and similar companies, and it takes the question of human empowerment and freedom to another level altogether. The people doing gene-sequencing say that you are empowered to run around trying to prevent diseases you may never have gotten. VortexDNA and epigenetics say you are empowered to live exactly the life you want, with no limitations.

Layla at Beneath Skin Deep has got a bunch of stuff in her DNA:

It’s in my DNA that I worry. It’s in my DNA that I have thunder thighs. It’s in my DNA that I love to whine.

Truth be told there ain’t no truth in the first 3 sentences of this blog entry. Don’t give me that look but it’s probably in my DNA to be so melodramatic as well and random and all the weird things that I do.

*bolded emphasis added

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