Just In Time for Christmas – More DNA Art

Just In Time for Christmas – More DNA Art

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted December 17, 2007 in DNA Products

cell portraits 1One of the most unique gifts you can give this Christmas is DNA art. One new option in this growing market is Cell Portraits founded by molecular biologist Dr. Phil Fisette. His multicolor DNA prints are created from a 1000X magnification of chromosomes contained in white cells. Customers give two to three drops of their blood which is then incubated in cell-growth medium for about five days.

chrom11 thumbDr. Fisette stains the white blood cells and uses a microscope to look for a display of chromosomes suitable for immortalizing on canvas or paper. Customers can choose the colors they prefer and a sample proof is emailed for approval before final printing. Prices range from $250 to $500.

If I were running a consumer genomics company, I would offer Cell Portraits or other complementary services to my customers. DNA holds so much meaning and promise that any early adopter of personal genomics would appreciate having a gorgeous and tangible representation of their genetic past, present, and future.

via Wisconsin State Journal

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Comment by David Bradley

The images you show seem to have a touch of the Dreamtime about them…very nice.


David, I think Cell Portraits are very nice. I haven’t seen anything quite like them before.

Comment by Jean-Yves Subscribed to comments via email

It reminds me GenePortrait!

I posted something about it on the French version of GeneaSofts some months ago: http://geneasofts.geneanet.org/?p=336


Hi Jean-Yves, Thanks for the comment. GenePortrait is actually more similar to the ubiquitous DNA 11 DNA Portraits and DNA Art.

Comment by Jean-Yves Subscribed to comments via email

Hi Hsien-Hsien,

Great links, thanks! Especially DNA Art!



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