Eye on DNA Headlines for 26 December 2007

Eye on DNA Headlines for 26 December 2007

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted December 26, 2007 in DNA Testing, DNA in General, Eye on DNA Headlines

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Comment by Erica Smith

So one company will charge $140, another will charge $160, another company does it for free, and another company charges $175. Why are there no regulations in place?

Hi Erica, Thanks for the comment. I assume you’re referring to DNA storage? DNA Archive is sold exclusively by DNA Direct and is offered at $175. You won’t find DNA Archive offered for less elsewhere.

As for DNA storage in general, I assume companies usually determine pricing based on cost, desired profit margin, and what they think the market will bear. Personally, I don’t believe that regulation is required for every single product on the market, genetic or not. Basic economic theory…. Of course, your opinion may vary depending on your political leanings. ;)


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