Gene Joke

Gene Joke

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted December 31, 2007 in DNA Fun

laughing elmoHave a laugh before 2007 comes to an end!

Man goes to the doctor
Can you help me, I have a hereditary disease?
What disease is that?
That’s not a hereditary disease!
It is when it’s in your genes.

This joke courtesy of reader Snowy. What? You didn’t think *I* could have come up with that all on my own, did you?

Happy New Year!!

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Comment by Mary Emma

Happy New Year’s, too. May 2008 be a wonderful one as we learn the light and serious sides of genetics.

Comment by Robyn

Hi Hsien, What a lark! A Happy New Year to you.

Comment by Walter
Comment by Chris in Oxford

Love a good genetics joke! Thanks for the laugh.

Comment by CYP

I wish I was a double helix so I could unzip your genes!


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