How the UK uses DNA from the National Database

How the UK uses DNA from the National Database

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted January 13, 2008 in DNA Around the World, DNA Fun

IMG 6535
Seen on Queensway, London

Crime Prevention Advice

Your Safer
Neighbourhood Team

Protecting your street
DNA property marking

So that’s what they do with DNA in the UK National DNA Database They use it to mark property! ;)

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Comment by David Bradley

Musician friend of mine got a vial of DNA with her musical instruments insurance but was a bit dubious of splashing solutions around her woodwind in case it damaged the instrument. Dunno if they sent her a giant placard to put up outside her house though


If your friend needs the placard, I can see if I can rip that sign off next time I’m on Queensway. haaa


[...] Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei Posted January 23, 2008 in DNA Products Earlier this month, I had some fun with a sign that I saw on Queensway in London, UK. It claimed that the neighborhood was safer because they were marking property with [...]


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