DIY Beaded DNA Earrings

DIY Beaded DNA Earrings

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted January 15, 2008 in DNA Fun

dna earrings

Too cute for words. Beading directions at Craftster.

One more set of instructions for DNA earrings at Genetic Jewelry.

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Comment by David Bradley

That’s my wife’s birthday present sorted!


David, Make me a pair while you’re at it. Clip-on only, please.

Comment by ECO Subscribed to comments via email

At least they could’ve gotten the bases/turn and the groove topology correct!

My wife loves craftster…I should get her making some biological jewelry in addition to her standard stuff!

ECO, There’s always one of you nitpickers everytime I post something like this! :P Just take it for what it is – an artistic interpretation of our favorite molecule! haa


BTW, your wife’s jewelry is gorgeous!

Comment by ECO Subscribed to comments via email

Ah! ;) Your blog parsed out my tags!!

Thanks for the compliment on the jewelry. :D

Nerd power!

Comment by Peggy

I love these! I think the same design could be used to make a pretty necklace/choker.

Comment by NA Subscribed to comments via email

Those are nice looking. I just completed an art class. I would be willing to do art of DNA and various genetic topics and sell them via the Internet.

I just don’t know where to begin yet.


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