What’s in your DNA? #24

What’s in your DNA? #24

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted January 20, 2008 in In Your DNA

mitt romneyMitt Romney, US presidential candidate, before the Republican primary in Michigan:

I’ve got Michigan in my DNA. I’ve got it in my heart and I’ve got cars in my bloodstream.

Outlandish Josh:

Workaholism is in my DNA (dad and his famous 90 days straight in the oilfields, mom and her neverending string of projects, etc) but this was not the way I like it; too disorganized and haphazard.

Jenny Cruise at Argh Ink:

I pretty much have snide and demeaning in my DNA and it’s very easy to slide back down that slope. I’m not proud of that. But I don’t wallow. I’m snide and demeaning and then I move on. I think that only moves me from an F to a D on the basic humanity scale but it’s a start.



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Comment by Misha

Mitt might need a stent or some angioplasty…or maybe a tow truck.

Comment by Misha

That wasn’t me with the “Ron Paul.” I don’t know why I’d mention one of the three losers in the House who voted against GINA.

There are only three losers in the House?!


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