Football-Related Puppy Genetics

Football-Related Puppy Genetics

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted January 27, 2008 in DNA Fun

It’s football as in soccer not as in American football that looks like rugby….

man u puppies

From NewsBiscuit:

The marketing department of Premier league giants Manchester Utd have announced they are to have puppies breed in their team colours in an attempt to attract supporters at a younger age. ‘We considered many options but our market research confirmed that everyone loves puppies,’ said Mark Stanion senior marketing manager at the club. ‘With advances in genetics we can apparently have them in any colour and size we like.’



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Comment by David Bradley

Can they do black and white stripes for Newcastle supporters yet?


I’m sure you can put in a special request. Although I can imagine the number of pups who turn up in shelters when the club doesn’t do well. Football fans are nuts.

Comment by Misha

Stop pestering me, Misha. I’ll get you one for your birthday.

Comment by CLDsport

Love it! Those marketing geniuses at Old Trafford are at it again. They are not one of the richest clubs in the world for nothing you know!!

They are soon to announce their plans to ‘breed’ top class footballers too. The first genetically created football team!

Comment by Adult Ãœhler

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