What’s in your DNA? #25

What’s in your DNA? #25

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted February 10, 2008 in In Your DNA

Metrodad Pierre Kim at Karen Cheng’s Snippets of Life on buying handbags for his wife:

patent leather handbag

My overall track record of buying clothes for my wife is pretty good. However, I apparently lack the gene that gives one the ability to choose handbags. For her past birthday, I spent over a month researching Vogue magazines and scouring all the handbag sites. I was absolutely 100% convinced that she would love the bag I selected for her. Totally backfired. She hated it. Thank god for generous return policies.

Now, I’m in full training mode. My wife will show me a handbag and ask me whether she’d like it or not and I have to answer right away. It’s futile. I’m a lost cause. What is it with you women and your handbags?

India Knight of The Sunday Times (UK) thinks our genes are innocent of causing childhood obesity:

The fat kids you see waddling around aren’t fat because their genes just made them that way – they’re fat because they take very little exercise and are fed a great deal of fattening food which, to add insult to injury, contains very little that’s of any nutritional value. It’s not rocket science. Give your child sugar-laden “juice” and batter-covered chicken, chuck in industrial quantities of “food-product” stodge, dole out sweets as “treats” and raise them to be suspicious of vegetables, and voilà: you can start your own obesity epidemic. Especially if you blame their chafing thighs on their genes.

Sting at Magical Milestone reflects on her vision:

Both my parents were short sighted so I guess it’s written in my DNA. I suppose the fact that I was reading comics and story books at night under the blanket with a torchlight also contributed to it!

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Comment by samantha S.


Sorry for being off topic. After reading your poll question I felt I would share some information. I was told about a month ago that there is a person developing a genealogy company that is looking to incoorporate family history, athletic family history, economic family history, career family history, religous family history, health family history, genetic counseling, and many other topics. I guess the company is going work internationally.

My professor told me this because my professor thought the business idea was very interesting. I guess whoever the founder of this company is, is looking to combine health care, family history, and societal family history all together.

I asked my professor who the founder of this company is, but my professor said he doesn’t know because be was told about this business from a friend who came across a discussion of the business in some niche specific message forum.


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