DNA Toys: Ben 10 and Digimon Digivice

DNA Toys: Ben 10 and Digimon Digivice

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted February 18, 2008 in DNA Fun

Toymaker Bandai is all about DNA. Ben and his 10 (and counting) alien hero alter egos have a Ben 10 DNA lab in which you can enter codes for two aliens which the lab will then combine to create a new mutant alien hero.

ben 10 dna lab

Update:: Here are the secret codes to use in the Ben 10 DNA Lab.

And then there’s the new Digimon Digivice unveiled at New York Toy Fair 2008 that features a DNA chip. There’s a scanner that will read the chips and allow the players to collect DNA skills and boost their strength.



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Comment by Keirebu

For Digimon, in this case, DNA stands for Digimon Natural Ability, and is strictly spreaking, storyline-wise, human emotion: NOT genetic coding.

Thanks for clarifying, Keirebu! My 5-year-old hasn’t gotten into the whole Digimon thing yet so I’m a bit clueless.

Comment by agustin

como isiste para ponerlo yo no se como me explicas

Comment by ackshaj

hi ben !! it is me your biggest partner !!!

Comment by karl s

Appreciated these. We went through a Ben 10 phase in my house and I always thought the show was well done. The DNA lab makes me think there are smart people behind the show.


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