Wellcome Image Awards: Gene Expression Analysis

Wellcome Image Awards: Gene Expression Analysis

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted March 13, 2008 in DNA Fun

gene expression

This image won a 2008 Wellcome Image Award which recognizes scientists who’ve created “stunning and beautiful images.”

Visualisation of large-scale gene expression studies, such as those carried out using DNA chip systems, to form a clustered gene expression network. Each dot represents a gene, and links between dots occur where there is a certain level of correlation between their expression patterns. Genes with very similar expression profiles link to many other dots and form clusters shown in the same colour. The clusters are 3-dimensional with larger dots existing in the foreground space and smaller ones further away.

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Comment by Stephen

Why on earth would that win an award?

It has no informative value as a chart and as computer art it isnt even 3rd rate.

lol Hi, Stephen!

Everybody’s a critic…. ;)

Comment by Stephen

Im sorry to be negative– but its so typical of the Wellcome Trust. They love style over substance, they’re all Fur coat and no knickers


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