BioMarker Pharmaceuticals Launches the Gene Essence Test

BioMarker Pharmaceuticals Launches the Gene Essence Test

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted March 31, 2008 in DNA Products, DNA Testing

Personal genomics customers can’t complain that there’s no competition in the marketplace. San Jose, California-based company BioMarker Pharmaceuticals has launched the Gene Essence test that sounds like another genome scan service.

Based on recent advances in DNA analysis technology, the Gene Essence(TM) test provides customers with personalized genetic information that is unique to each individual. The web-based service enables customers to learn which inherited traits they may have acquired and provides individuals with access to the latest research results in the rapidly expanding field of genome analysis. Customers can learn how the genetic markers in their genomes relate to a large number of health-related conditions which have been published in peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Dr. Ivan Labat, Sr. Director of Research and Product Development, claims the Gene Essence test is “the most comprehensive personalized genetic test available.” That may be but I can’t find the product on the BioMarker Pharmaceuticals website so even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t know how to order it!

Other products offered by BioMarker Pharmaceuticals include aging intervention technologies incorporating nutraceuticals BM-A1 and BM-A2, “proprietary herbal combination formulas.” The company is also doing research into calorie restriction.

NB: I’ve emailed the company for more info.

Update: I missed the Gene Essence website in the press release – (the site seems to take a long time to load in Firefox).



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Comment by Ann Turner

It looks like the genome test is offered at another website, They are using the Affymetrix 6.0 chip.

Thanks, Ann! I found that site later on but it took so long to load that I had to give up! Will go investigate now that it’s finally loaded. :P

Comment by SCG Subscribed to comments via email

yes, what genetic information will it provide?

Every page of the site takes FOR.EVER. to load but I managed to find the price at $1,195 with the promise of 90 disease associations.


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