What’s in your DNA? #28

What’s in your DNA? #28

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted April 27, 2008 in In Your DNA

The DNA Restaurant in Old Montreal, Quebec Canada isn’t really named after the DNA we like best.

Though the name may have you conjuring up medical reports and murder trials, DNA actually stands for Derek ‘n’ Alex, Derek being Dammann, and Alex being Alex Cruz, the suave maitre d’ and resident wine expert. (The Gazette)

dna no drinkingLee at Tokyo Times reports from Japan on a collection of coasters that tell people you’re not into downing alcoholic drinks in one gulp. One of the coasters says:

I can’t drink – it’s not in my DNA.

Danielle Parsons at Am I There Yet? is challenging herself to accomplish 101 things in 1001 days:

So no more someday (which, presumably, is the day that I’ll get there). I may not be able to radically overhaul of my life, and quit procrastinating on everything that I want to do (anyone who knows me well knows procrastination is embedded in my DNA) – but I am going to do 101 things in 1001 days.



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Comment by Danielle

Haha, OK, you got me. I’m actually a biologist by training and work in public health…I’m well aware that procrastination is not actually embedded in my DNA!

Though I do wonder about the evolutionary background of my procrastination…is it all ‘nurture’? Or is there some ‘nature’ in it – is there some protective effect of procrastination that has allowed it to be passed down through the generations of my family (whether by alleles or by learned behavior)?

I’d like to think that somehow my procrastination does indeed make me a more fit member of my species…

At any rate, I’ll be more careful about giving responsibility to DNA where it may not be due – man, you really never know who’s watching out here in the blogosphere!

Hi Danielle, How nice to see you here! I know you weren’t taking it seriously. This whole series of “What’s in your DNA?” is just for fun. :) Isn’t it amazing how DNA has worked itself into our cultural consciousness?

As for procrastination, I’d venture to say that it is definitely influenced by temperament which is influenced by genes. I’m a fan of structured procrastination myself. (Hence I’m answering comments instead of doing “real” work. lol)


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