DNA 11 Introduces GenePak Genome Analysis

DNA 11 Introduces GenePak Genome Analysis

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted June 3, 2008 in DNA Products

pic genepak bookletOne of the coolest ways to have fun with your DNA is via DNA art and the leader in the marketplace is undeniably DNA 11, creators of DNA portraits. Today, DNA 11 launches the GenePak upgrade which will identify four genes during DNA processing. With the enclosed booklet, customers can identify the specific DNA fragments in their DNA portraits that show their genotype for the following genes.

  • Sport: Show off your muscles without having to flex. This gene called ACTN2 is expressed in all muscle cells.
  • Brain: This gene — IGF-2 — is associated with intelligence. It is not the only gene whose expression correlates with IQ, but one of them that is involved in development of the brain
  • Love: This gene — NGF2 – is one of the genes responsible for those butterflies in your stomach when you meet that special someone.
  • Gender: This gene — Amelogenin — is often used to determine whether someone is male or female.

    ~Press Release

pic genepak sm

Co-founder Nazim Ahmed:

Our clients have been so happy with their unique DNA art portraits that we wanted to add even more insightful and exciting options for them. This new GenePakâ„¢ option allows clients to analyze their genes in an interesting way that creates great entertainment value for friends and family.

GenePack is available for an additional $99 with any DNA portrait as an upgrade.

NB: DNA 11 was recently mentioned in this Clarion-Ledger article – Getting personal: Products touting individuality appeal to the masses.



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