What does DNA mean to you? #12

What does DNA mean to you? #12

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted July 2, 2008 in Meaning of DNA

dna dundeeSandra Porter of Discovering Biology in a Digital World shares what DNA means to her:

DNA means opportunity and adventure. Opportunity, in that my livelihood is completely tied up in DNA. I teach about it. I work with DNA sequences. I enjoy playing with DNA structures. And of course, our company (Geospiza) sells software for managing the production and analysis of DNA data. Opportunity is also the key term because of the diseases that we’ll someday be able to prevent and treat because of the things we’ll be able to learn from DNA. As fara as adventure, “adventure” applies to DNA because getting from here to there is certainly an adventure. Along the way, we’ll find things we want to know and things that we’d prefer not to know, but the adventure of discovery and the process of finding out who we are and where we’ve been is most certainly an adventure.



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Covalent bonds are sweeeeet! What about those bitter hydrogen bonds? We can’t live with them, we can’t live without them.

“Ahhhhh….Geek Out, The Geek, So sheek.”–my version of the 1970’s Le Freak by Chic.

Comment by AndrewCrawford Subscribed to comments via email

I got the words wrong. I guess it’s c’est chic meaning “that’s stylish” in French. Please forgive my ignorance of 1970’s disco culture. Ha!

Comment by AndrewCrawford Subscribed to comments via email

“Ahhhhhh….Geek Out! Le freak, c’est sheikh.”


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