What does DNA mean to you? #13

What does DNA mean to you? #13

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted July 9, 2008 in Meaning of DNA

dna dundeeTrisha at Ideas for Women has DNA straight:

For me, DNA mostly just means deoxyribonucleic acid.

But also it means that we humans are capable of amazing things. I can remember being in the 5th grade and our teacher was telling us about the 4 bases in DNA. I was, and still am, totally amazed at the fact that we have been able to discover and understand all of this. It wasn’t that long ago that our ancestors believed the earth was flat and the center of everything – now we know we’re just a tiny dot in a huge universe, and we even know how we came to exist as a species. The fact that we have a detailed understanding of what makes us, us – and alive – on the molecular level is extraordinarily amazing!



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Comment by Jillian Sands

I am unique yet still the same as everyone else.

Comment by Christine Mehigh Subscribed to comments via email

Nicely put. DNA is fascinating, I also have a blog on genetic disorders, DNA testing, etc. at http://biotechfiles.com. Your observation is very similar to how many of my biology students feel when they actually start to realize how intricate all life is at the molecular level.

Comment by Trisha Subscribed to comments via email

Thanks Hsien for interviewing me!

I hope everything is going well with your children and with moving!


[...] was also interviewed this week by Hsien-Hsien Lei: What does DNA mean to you? – thanks [...]


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