23andMe DNA Tests for $399, Down From $999

23andMe DNA Tests for $399, Down From $999

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted September 9, 2008 in Business of DNA, DNA Testing

23andMeFor the same price as my Amazon Kindle E-Reader ($399 when I bought it, now $359), you can now get a whole genome scan from 23andMe. Originally $999, savings on DNA analysis chips were passed on to consumers.

From the press release:

23andMe is able to offer the reduced price thanks to technological advancements made by the company that provides its DNA scanning technology, Illumina, Inc. In addition, 23andMe also unveiled today the expansion of its custom genotyping content along with new social networking and community features, laying the groundwork for enhanced customer interaction.

When Amazon cut the price of the Kindle by $40, people who’d purchased it within the previous 30 days were able to get the difference refunded. Will 23andMe customers receive a similar refund?

NB: 23andMe also announced a partnership with Ancestry.com today.

via The Associated Press



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Comment by N/A

I’m very glad to see the price go down. I always said that the majority of people in our country can’t afford to pay for a $999 test. The new price of $399 is still very high, but much more reasonable. However, I will still say that the majority of people can’t afford to pay the $399. There are around 42 million people in our country that don’t have health insurance. So there is a lot of work to do.

Comment by Marie Godfrey Subscribed to comments via email

I just posted a long response to the new 23andMe offer on the Genetizen blog (at http://www.geneforum.org), titled “Genetic testing on sale–Why??”. Rather than quote the whole thing here, I direct people to that site. My comments relate to Company X, since I make it a policy not to name companies in my blog.

Comment by Barry

They may have finally hit my price point. I know I shouldn’t look but…


[...] DNA analysis from $999 to $399.  The news was discussed on Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog, Eye on DNA, bbgm, ScienceRoll, and at Geneforum.  It even led Attila to buy a kit.  The price drop also [...]


[...] vielleicht fragen, weshalb er 350.000 US-Dollar aufbringen soll, wenn Anbieter wie 23andMe für weniger als 1.000 US-Dollar einen scheinbar ganz ähnlichen Service anbieten. Doch die Antwort auf diese Frage ist schnell [...]


[...] At least this time around, none of 23andMe’s existing customers will be wondering about a refund. [...]


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