My Son, The Genetic Epidemiologist

My Son, The Genetic Epidemiologist

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted September 16, 2008 in DNA Fun, DNA and Disease


My six-year-old’s reading and mark-up (in purple) of a paper in Nature Genetics authored by my friend, Dr. Linda Kao.

Press Release – New gene variant identified for nondiabetic end stage renal disease in African-Americans

Scientists at Johns Hopkins schools of Public Health and Medicine have, for the first time, identified variants in the gene MYH9 that are associated with increased risk for non-diabetic end stage renal disease (ESRD,) which is the near-loss of kidney function leading to either dialysis of transplant. MYH9, located on the 22 chromosome, is the first gene identified for common forms of kidney disease. The study was published online September 14 in the journal Nature Genetics and will be published in the October print edition. In a separate study published in the same issue, researchers at the National Institutes of Health reported similar findings.



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Comment by Olivia Subscribed to comments via email

This is just too cute, Hsein!


Olivia, He’d be happy to proofread anything you’ve got. heh

Comment by Kate Subscribed to comments via email

Very cute indeed. I remember my son doing this to all of my work files and papers. Not only he does this but also would pull out tear the pages of the books and what not.

I am a dietitian and have to work with different reports plus I have a website that I run to so invlove alot of paper work and computer with kids at time it becomes really difficult to manage.


Comment by N/A

Hi Kate,

Would you be able to share your website with us?


Comment by KeeKee

It’s things like this that make motherhood such a pleasure. Sometimes I honestly feel sorry for the fathers because they don’t see the joy in something as simple as a purple mark like a mother does. Thanks for sharing your joy.



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