Navigenics Introduces Physician Portal and Annual Insight Service

Navigenics Introduces Physician Portal and Annual Insight Service

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted January 29, 2009 in DNA Products, DNA Testing

Consumers of genetic testing now have two new services to consider from Navigenics.

From the press release:

Navigenics’ Physician Portal

…Navigenics has developed the ability for physicians, with the approval of their patients, to receive and easily review patient genetic results online, with easy access to condition information, action steps, and original scientific research. Access to the physician portal is free to physicians who register their practices.

Annual Insight Service

Navigenics’ Annual Insight service retails for $499 and analyzes an individual’s genetic predisposition for ten common health conditions (nine each for men and women), including breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and heart disease.

Annual Insight also includes one hour of genetic counseling and if the consumer chooses to upgrade, the cost can be applied to the more comprehensive Health Compass service that includes a genome-wide scan, 24/7 genetic counseling, and ongoing updates for $2500.

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