Yay or Nay for Genetic Testing?

Yay or Nay for Genetic Testing?

by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted February 28, 2009 in DNA Testing

Today, CNN featured Dr. Robert Superko at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia who is recommending genetic testing to patients at risk for cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Superko:

If you have heart disease and you have one of these heart disease genes, then the likelihood that is contributing to your problem is very high. If [the testing] gives you a therapeutic direction, a diet or drug to take, then it becomes valuable.

But he is not making a rare endorsement of direct-to-consumer testing:

It is easy to get confused about test results, especially those received through the mail. You may not understand what they mean and you can get unduly concerned.

Basically, it’s yay for genetic testing if you go through your doctor and nay for genetic testing if  you don’t.

Although, his patient, Donna Mitchell, might not agree:

I think you need to take advantage of everything you can to prevent problems. [Genetic testing] was a no-brainer for me.

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Comment by Val

If you have DNA from two women, is it possible to determine whether their fathers were brothers?


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